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improvement through the power of design and innovation...

Design Defined...

  • Design: 'to plan and make decisions about (something that is being built or created)' Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Indriva stands for 'Innovation, Networks, Design, Research, Ideas and Value-Add'. Coincidently in Swedish the word 'Indriva' means to collect what is owed to you. Here at Indriva we believe this definition applies to how companies should view design and innovation. If you truly want to get the best from your operations & products, you owe it to yourself to invest in creative R&D.

Indriva's goal is to drive innovation...


In 2014-15 only 16% of Australian businesses introduced new or significantly improved operational processes (ABS 8158.0)


In 2014-15 only 19% of Australian businesses introduced significantly new goods and/or services (ABS 8158.0)


In 2014-15 only 17% of Australian businesses introduced new or significantly improved organisational processes (ABS 8158.0)

Indriva Services

Indriva  R&D

Successful organisations conduct Research and Development in order to add value and increase efficiency.  If your organisation is not conducting R&D then you are not getting the best from your resources. You may also be missing out on generous R&D tax incentives.

Ask how we help companies take advantage of R&D.

Indriva Design Thinking

Indriva assists managers & teams to uncover innovative solutions using industry proven creative methods. Our industry experience means we understand your need for realistic answers, not just ideas. We've applied design thinking to everything from organisational behaviour to product design.

Ask how we solve problems through creative thought.

Indriva Change Implementation

Implementation is the key to successful innovation.  Indriva draws on commercial experience working with public and private sector organisations to implement change and improvements. Indriva builds new products and business systems.

Ask how we assist organisations to implement positive change.

innovation by design...

Good design, when applied to the workplace, increases staff retention and performance.

Research indicates that customers willingly pay more for well designed products.

Good design reduces waste and increases customer satisfaction.



Staff Retention
Sales Increase
Waste Reduction
Customer Satisfaction